Addiction Has Met it's Match™

Medication Assisted Treatment, Close to Home (MATCH) gives you the tools such as Suboxone to opioid addiction while minimizing disruptions in your person life.

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Recovery Support Specialist Training and Certification Program

This course prepares persons in recovery from a psychiatric or substance use disorder, or family members of people in recovery, to take the State of Connecticut exam to become a certified Recovery Support Specialist (RSS).

Recovery Leadership Academy


Upcoming Procedure? These Drive-Through Locations Open Feb. 21 for Pre-Operative Testing

To help patients challenged by the week’s winter weather to secure the required COVID-19 testing before an upcoming medical procedure, [...]

Stuck in Abusive Relationship During COVID? This Program Offers Free Help, Even Virtually

The numbers don’t show it, but domestic violence has increased during the pandemic. “People are quarantining with their abusers. That’s [...]

Hi Robot! This ‘Cutii’ is Helping Senior Citizens Stay Connected, Healthy During COVID

Healthcare providers have brainstormed to come up with ways to keep senior citizens engaged and connected during the COVID pandemic, [...]

Why Eating Disorders Among Young People Are on the Rise During COVID-19

Isolation and extra time to spend comparing lives and bodies with others on social media is a recipe for increased [...]

MORR Program Helps First Responders Prevent Opioid Overdose Deaths

When Julio Santos woke up in the emergency room after an overdose, he saw John Potter, a clinical manager from [...]

Psychiatric Residency Program Seeks to Reach Rural Pockets of the State

In an attempt to bring specialty mental health care closer to home for patients and make a dent in a [...]

Educational Services for Adolescents & Children

Just as no two individuals are alike, each person's behavioral health needs are unique. At Hartford HealthCare Behavioral Health Network we always take this into account to make sure each individual's path is the one to recovery.





A 10,000 square foot facility located in Farmington providing personalized health care for men.

Tallwood Men's Health Center



Behavioral Health Network

Medical Rounds: Men's Mental Health and the Pandemic

Medical Rounds, John Santopietro, MD, DFAPA, Physician–In–Chief, Behavioral Health Network, Hartford HealthCare talks about the mental impact on men during the pandemic, with stress and substance abuse issues.

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Men's Health

John Santopietro, MD, DFAPA, Physician–In–Chief, Behavioral Health Network, Hartford HealthCare, talks about the mental impact on men during the pandemic, stress, and substance abuse issues.

Medical Services

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Behavioral Health Network voluntarily participates in the assessment and has earned The Joint

Commission's Gold Seal of Approval™, which is valid for up to three years.

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