Addiction Has Met its Match™

Medication Assisted Treatment, Close to Home (MATCH) gives you tools to beat opioid addication, such as Suboxone, while minimizing disruptions in your personal life.

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Recovery Support Specialist Training and Certification Program

This course prepares persons in recovery from a psychiatric or substance use disorder, or family members of people in recovery, to take the State of Connecticut exam to become a certified Recovery Support Specialist (RSS).

Recovery Leadership Academy


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Educational Services for Adolescents & Children

Just as no two individuals are alike, each person's behavioral health needs are unique. At Hartford HealthCare Behavioral Health Network we always take this into account to make sure each individual's path is the one to recovery.


Student Art Calendar 2023


Students throughout the Hartford HealthCare Behavioral Health Network schools across the state are very artistic, and each year some of their artwork is included in a very popular monthly calendar produced annually at HHC.


Behavioral Health Network

How Buffalo Shooting Impacts Local Community

Javeed Sukhera, MD, Chair of Psychiatry, Institute of Living, Hartford HealthCare, discusses the impact of the Buffalo shooting on local communities.

Natchaug Schools

Committed to fostering a supportive and safe special education community where students can grow academically, heal emotionally and work toward personal goals.

Medical Services

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Behavioral Health Network voluntarily participates in the assessment and has earned The Joint

Commission's Gold Seal of Approval™, which is valid for up to three years.

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