Addiction Has Met it's Match™

Medication Assisted Treatment, Close to Home (MATCH) gives you the tools such as Suboxone to opioid addiction while minimizing disruptions in your person life.

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Recovery Support Specialist Training and Certification Program

This course prepares persons in recovery from a psychiatric or substance use disorder, or family members of people in recovery, to take the State of Connecticut exam to become a certified Recovery Support Specialist (RSS).

Recovery Leadership Academy


Vin Baker’s Bouncing Back, in New Program, Offering Help for Veterans With Substance Use Disorder

For every 100 military veterans, 11 to 20 will experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to the U.S. Department of [...]

What Happens When Big Data Is Applied to Diagnosing, Treating Mental Health Issues?

Big data sounds daunting – millions of factoids taking months to crunch through massive databases — but when Gregory Book [...]

Going Back Into Work? How to Deal With COVID-Related Anxieties

A year after abandoning desks and cubicles to work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, American workers are anxiously preparing to [...]

Alcohol and Liver Disease: Why Women Are at Higher Risk

The expectation of local and national experts for an increase advanced liver disease, especially among women, is on the rise [...]

How Parents Can Model Resilience During COVID For Teens, Tweens

Children learn from their parents long before they enter a classroom, and in a year like no other they understand [...]

What’s a Health Psychologist? A New Way to Treat Chronic Pain, Sleep Problems, Even ED

Pain stems from visible causes, a wound or break, but when the reason is less obvious a health psychologist can [...]

Educational Services for Adolescents & Children

Just as no two individuals are alike, each person's behavioral health needs are unique. At Hartford HealthCare Behavioral Health Network we always take this into account to make sure each individual's path is the one to recovery.





A 10,000 square foot facility located in Farmington providing personalized health care for men.

Tallwood Men's Health Center



Behavioral Health Network

Mental Health Awareness

Laura Saunders talks on Better CT about mental health awareness, issues parents may be seeing in children that may need treatment if hindering their day to day activities.

Overdose Numbers On The Rise

An increase in overdose deaths last year is being reported, the impact of the pandemic and quarantine on those struggling with addiction, with Dr. J. Craig Allen, Vice President Addiction Services, Hartford HealthCare, Behavioral Health Network.

Medical Services

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Behavioral Health Network voluntarily participates in the assessment and has earned The Joint

Commission's Gold Seal of Approval™, which is valid for up to three years.

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